How AI Can Drive Revenue and Boost Content ROI

March, 31 2023

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Matt Lawson
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Matt Lawson
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Executive Report

- The AI market size is expected to reach $196.6 billion in 2023.
- Curator AI-enabled MAM helps brands reclaim 10% of time wasted on searching for assets, allowing for more quality content to be produced and monetized.
- AI can increase business productivity by 40%.

Key Takeaways

Enterprises wanting to drive revenue must invest in a smart, AI-enabled MAM system to automate tasks and free up time for creatives.

Brands can maximize their video archive and boost content ROI by using AI-enabled MAM systems to easily search and access video clips at frame level for content re-use.
Curator AI gives editors a curated set of assets that can be searched based upon frame-level content. Without a MAM, video content is lost in the archive and creatives waste time searching for assets that they may never find. 

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

With the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market size being expected to reach $196.6 billion by 2023, it is important for enterprises to understand what AI is and how it can benefit their business. AI involves automating tasks with computers to do things that humans would normally do manually. In fact, AI can increase business productivity by 40%. 

AI-enabled Media Asset Management (MAM) systems, such as Curator have smart capabilities that save time and money for creatives. Some of these capabilities include multi-channel rendering, smart asset search, and automated conform. Curator’s multi-channel rendering capability allows content to be distributed quickly across platforms at scale. By using contextual search filters, creatives are able to find assets immediately. Additionally, the automated conform feature helps to streamline the creative process by reducing some of the time usually spent on manual edits. These capabilities combined work to drive revenue and boost content ROI, making a MAM system an essential for enterprises to grow. 

How AI Drives Revenue

An AI-enabled MAM system works to drive revenue and improve conversion by automating tasks, ultimately freeing up creative time to produce more quality content that converts. By automating repetitive and tedious tasks that would normally be done manually, workflows are streamlined and more tasks are able to be completed in a shorter amount of time. Repetitive tasks can be easily done with AI, which boots revenue, removes inefficiencies, and saves money by reducing admin overhead costs. These tasks include transcription, captioning, metadata tagging, and some video editing. 

When dealing with a large volume of content, rendering assets manually can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Doing so by hand can slow down the production process and delay the delivery of content to different channels. Curator is able to render assets in different formats at scale across channels. This is done by generating multiple versions of the asset in various formats that are optimized for different channels, such as social media platforms, websites, and mobile devices. By using AI to render assets, content quality and branding remains consistent across channels, inefficiencies are eliminated, and production costs are lowered. 

How AI Boosts Content ROI

Curator uses AI-powered metadata tagging upon ingest to create a content store with rapid discovery at the clip level to maximize the video archive and deliver manageable search results. Creatives are able to find the exact clips they need, saving time during the creative process, allowing for more assets to be made. AI-powered metadata tagging makes content easily accessible and searchable for content re-use, which saves time and prevents content re-shooting or buying content that has already been created. By providing creatives with more time to create better assets, both ROI and conversion rates are boosted. 

Rendering assets at scale using AI is an effective way to save time, reduce costs, and improve marketing impact. Marketers are able to deliver content across channels quickly, ensuring they are able to meet deadlines for marketing campaigns. Brand consistency is improved by ensuring consistent quality among assets, creating a consistent brand image across channels and territories. By delivering content across different channels, the brand's reach is increased and marketers are able to have a greater impact online. 

Curator Uses AI to Boost Revenue and ROI

Curator for Adobe is a smart MAM system that uses AI-powered metadata tagging upon ingest. By enriching content with metadata, creatives are able to easily find content using contextual search filters. Content is able to be searched for and found at frame level, allowing creatives to always find the exact clip they need. Curator is able to save creatives 10% of time wasted searching for assets, allowing for more time to spend producing quality content. This allows content to be easily reused and monetized, boosting overall revenue and ROI. Curator is able to render assets across channels, eliminating the need for creatives to do so manually. This allows for more assets to reach relevant channels and a larger audience, allowing brands to make a greater marketing impact.

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