5 Ways Non-Profit Organizations Can Use Video

September, 19 2022

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The Importance of Video Use for Non-Profit Organizations

Video has been proven to be one of the most effective tools for marketing. Utilizing video allows non-profit organizations to share their message and increase brand awareness to a large audience. For non-profit organizations, video is an excellent way to bond with supporters and increase donations. In fact, 57% of people who watch non-profit videos go on to make donations. Implementing a strong video marketing strategy can provide non-profit organizations with opportunities to reach new viewers, gain supporters, and spread their message. There are several ways that non-profit organizations can use video to their advantage.

Increase Awareness 

Video content can be easily shared across social platforms. This makes it an excellent content medium to use in order to increase brand awareness. As of 2022, 93% of marketers say that video has helped them increase brand awareness. Non-profit organizations can use video to increase awareness about their organization and its mission. Videos help an organization to stand out amongst competitors and leave a lasting impression on the audience. Building a strong, recognizable brand is important for a non-profit. Large non-profit organizations such as American Heart Association, Habitat for Humanity, and Red Cross are all well-known, due to their strong branding strategy. These organizations utilize video and other content to spread their message and increase brand awareness online. Red Cross has an entire video library showcasing its mission, values, and stories of those that have been positively affected by the donations from the Red Cross organization.

Inform Audience 

Non-profit organizations can use video to inform their audience about their overall mission. Every non-profit has a problem they are working to solve. Utilizing video allows non-profit organizations to showcase what problems they are working to solve and educate the audience on why the organization was established. Information videos portray the importance of the organization and how it is unique from competitors. Viewers retain 95% of video messages, making video an excellent content medium to use to relay important information about the organization.


Videos which elicit strong emotions from viewers are twice as likely to be shared as those that do not. Sharing inspiring stories of how the non-profit organization has positively impacted the community will help to elicit empathy from viewers. Driving empathy builds a bond between the organization and supporters, resulting in increased donor engagement. It is important for organizations to remain authentic when sharing stories. The best way to do this is by using real customer testimonials from people in the community. This builds trust and credibility for the organization. Using video for storytelling is a great way to boost engagement and increase brand awareness. The American Heart Association uses YouTube to share personal testimonials of those that have been positively affected by their organization. For example, the American Heart Association shared the story of Finn’s battle with a congenital heart defect and how the organization has helped him and other similar children survive. Videos like this are able to elicit strong emotions, resulting in more supporters and donors.

Volunteer Activation 

Non-profit organizations can use video to boost volunteer activation. Video can be used to recruit new volunteers and encourage activation, commitment, and retention of current volunteers. Organizations can use storytelling to share how current volunteers are making an impact on the community and how their lives have been touched by helping others. This motivates viewers to take action and join the organization. Storytelling is also used to share vital information about volunteer opportunities and events relevant to the organization. Using video is an easy way to educate prospective volunteers about the organization's purpose and what the role of a volunteer would be. 

Including a strong Call-To-Action (CTA) ensures that the video serves its purpose, which is to drive attention to the organization’s cause. The organization can encourage viewers to donate, join the organization, share their message, or spread awareness about a certain cause. Overall, the CTA should motivate the audience to support the organization’s mission. Including the CTA at the end of the video ensures that engaged viewers are prompted to take action.

Explainer Videos

Non-profit organizations can use explainer videos to inform and educate their audience on topics related to their cause. For example, the American Heart Association has several educational videos related to heart disease such as how to administer CPR and how to monitor your blood pressure at home. These types of videos are useful in educating the audience, as well as spreading awareness for the organization's overall mission. Short explainer videos are easily shared across social platforms and can aid in increasing brand awareness. 

How Curator Helps Non-Profit Organizations to Manage and Organize their Videos

Video is an essential branding and marketing tool for non-profit organizations. It is important for these organizations to be able to manage, locate, and distribute this video content at scale. Using a smart Video Asset Management (VAM) system, such as Curator, will help these organizations leverage the use of their video content. 

Curator is the leading VAM system that provides a solution to simplified video asset management. It works to organize assets and make for a more productive creative workflow. By incorporating metadata enrichment, assets can be easily found using contextualized search filters. This allows for a smooth editing and distribution process. Curator makes it easy for content to be shared across multiple platforms at scale, aiding in building a strong and consistent brand presence for non-profit organizations. 

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