IPV Unveils the Next Generation of Accelerated Media Asset Management in the Cloud

June, 25 2024

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Chicago, Illinois, USA - June 25, 2024 – IPV, a leading developer of intelligent media asset management and content supply chain software, has unveiled Curator Cloud in its latest 3.7.2 release.  

IPV has scaled its global operation and solidified its position as the world’s leading media management and cloud-native software provider. Key enterprise customers are achieving enormous cost savings, content acceleration, automation, scalability, and more when managing their video content in the cloud.

With the latest 3.7.2 release, Curator Cloud continues to offer a user-friendly experience, enabling seamless connectivity. It effortlessly links Adobe creatives and marketing teams with their video content libraries in the cloud. The 3.7.2 release also introduces advancements, including Advanced Saved Search, which revolutionizes search capabilities with deep metadata exploration and seamless query creation. Creatives can now save, share, and mark favorites within complex searches, empowering creatives to automate workflows and transform complex tasks into streamlined efficiency. Curator is the ultimate time-saving tool for creative and marketing teams.

“The 3.7.2 release positions IPV to serve the broader market with an out-of-the-box solution that enables enterprise customers to manage every aspect of the media supply chain, delivering cost savings and efficiencies within weeks, not months or years,” said Mark Hudson, Chief Marketing Officer at IPV. Hudson continued, the media management advancements wrapped into release 3.7.2, provided in a full-service cloud media management offering that enables complete management of cloud resources and encompasses migration, configuration, optimization, security, and maintenance, and eliminates the burden on in-house IT teams”.

As a global leader in media asset management, IPV Curator brings operational efficiencies achieved by cloud migration, flexibility, and scalability, to global brands across financial services, travel, and leisure, sports, healthcare, education, and allows creatives to rid themselves of time-consuming uploading and downloading of large pieces of content, and focus on what creatives do best – create; further enabling them to collaborate across locations, offices, and groups to seamlessly produce remarkable content for customers worldwide.

Visit ipv.com for more information on how IPV Curator can expedite cloud transformation to automate and accelerate video production workflows, strengthen remote collaboration, and allow assets to be easily accessible.


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