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September, 17 2019

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Ryan Hughes
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Ryan Hughes
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In order to cut through the marketing speak, IPV’s product marketing expert Rebecca Lindley recently contributed an article to The Broadcast Bridge. In her long-form piece, Rebecca broke down what the difference is between AI and automation and why content producers should be wary of marketing lingo.

In the article, Rebecca explains how the definition of AI has become somewhat cloudy, and why many automation-centric tools are being mis-labelled as intelligent. She commented;

“More so than many other technology trend, artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become one of the main buzzwords in the broadcast and media production industry. As a result, marketeers in every area of the industry are now presenting products that integrate AI to deliver better production workflows.”

Rebecca also discusses the possibilities of smart workflows - how AI can be used for intelligent subtitling, automated metadata and event recognition. However it’s integrated, the real benefit of AI is that it speeds up content creation while saving on resources.

The article goes on to describe how automation remains hugely beneficial to content producers. But in order to define something as intelligent, the technology must be able to do more than the more traditional automated functions. It must have the ability to make a decision that a human will have traditionally needed to make.

Click here to read the full article where you can learn what workflow functions can be described as intelligent and what’s simply automation.



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