What is a Proxy?

August, 28 2023

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Proxy files have revolutionized video editing workflows, providing efficient solutions for handling high-resolution footage. These lower-resolution versions of original files are used to enable teams to view content without specialist tools and during the editing process, offering benefits such as enhanced performance, accelerated workflows, improved collaboration, and increased flexibility.

Benefits of Proxy Files

Proxy files improve creative workflow performance by increasing content visibility, reducing [the requirement for expensive hardware] and system resource strain, faster rendering, and seamless editing on less powerful hardware. They accelerate workflow processes, allowing instant imports and export to and from NLEs. Additionally, proxy files facilitate collaboration, enabling seamless sharing of footage with team members, regardless of location, and supporting instant editing for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Creating and Managing Proxy Files

Creating proxy files involves transcoding high-resolution footage into lower-resolution versions while maintaining frame rates and resolutions. These tools utilize codecs optimized for efficient editing. Proxy files can be seamlessly managed through editing software, allowing users to toggle between proxies and high-resolution files effortlessly. This flexibility ensures a smooth editing experience without compromising the final output quality.

What are “Frame-Accurate” Proxies?

Frame-accurate proxies are essential in video editing as they preserve the exact timecode and synchronization of high-resolution footage, ensuring precise edits, smooth transitions, and accurate color grading. These proxies allow seamless interchangeability between lower-resolution files and the original footage, enabling editors to make precise decisions and apply visual effects efficiently. By incorporating frame-accurate proxies into the editing workflow, video editors can maintain a high level of precision, resulting in a polished final product.

Curator’s Industry-Leading Proxies

Curator provides editors with frame-accurate and resolution native proxies that are streamed directly into the editor’s creative environment, eliminating heavy download times and allowing editors to instantly edit their projects on any bandwidth. Once the edits are complete, Curator remotely conforms the edits onto the high-res file - saving valuable upload and conform time for every editor on every project.


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