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Curator Ingest Director: Content producers take control of live media

September, 13 2019

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New workflow management tool enables fast multi-camera ingest and easier metadata tagging of live media


Cambridge, UK. September 3, 2018 – To provide users with the most effective way to ingest live media, asset management technology specialist IPV has introduced Curator Ingest Director. The new functionality acts as the first port of call for live content producers using the Curator media asset management product. It provides the fastest way to manage the ingest of live media feeds while adding highly-detailed metadata.

Ingest Director avoids the need for content producers to deploy any more resources than needed. Metadata tagging can be done while ingesting multiple live camera feeds directly into their MAM system. Ahead of recording, operators can prepare by creating placeholder assets and associating relevant metadata to them. Then as camera feeds are recorded, live media assets take the place of the dummy media. Live, users only need to add action-specific metadata because the important tags and information are transferred from the original placeholder. This provides post-production operators with live media that features more descriptive, accurate metadata without any additional resources at the front end.


Addressing the live media environment

“Ingesting media into your media asset management system should be the most important stage of the content production chain. Everything you do here can affect other users further down the line,” said James Varndell, IPV product manager. “In the fast environment of a live media production, metadata is commonly the first thing that’s dismissed because it can be time consuming. Ingest Director lets operators associate descriptive metadata faster than ever. This benefits everyone in the post-production process.”

The Ingest Director’s functionality is ideally suited to instances in which permanent cameras are in place. If they know what objects or subjects will always be in shot, users can create presets with associated metadata for each camera. Then during ingest they only need to add event-specific metadata tags. And when deployed for the ingest of live sports media, operators can pre-program sport-, team- or player-specific tags so they appear immediately on content ingest. They only need to add the specifics of a play or an action and still benefit from much more detailed metadata.

Engineered to be as easy to use as possible, Ingest Director features a simple colour-coding shown in the Curator system. This provides an overview of its status whether it’s recording, waiting or set to delayed record. It also provides a timecode on all live media ingest feeds and gives users the ability to start and stop single or multiple feeds. Collections – or groups of clips – can also be created as placeholders either before ingest or live. These collections can be searched for as a whole in Ingest Director, making for much easier search and discovery functions for post-production. This collections-orientated functionality also means users don’t need to associate each camera angle with the placeholder asset and name them manually. Instead, they’re able to to load the entire collection and Ingest Director intelligently records each angle into the correct assets.

Curator Ingest Director is available for deployment now in existing Curator workflows.


If you think Ingest Director can help you take control of your live content ingest, why not get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.


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