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December, 31 1969

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James Varndell

Responsible for IPV's flagship product, Curator, ensuring it provides features users love, delivers value to partners and is built from great technology. Forming and maintaining partnerships across a range of complementary and emerging technologies. Identifying marketing opportunities for new releases and features which differentiate the product. Always trying to learn, improve and build on IPV's core values.

Video Production Remote Editing

WFH as the new normal: How video production teams can still collaborate
By James Varndell / May 18, 2020
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Sports Remote Editing

Moving sports broadcasting to 100% remote video production
By James Varndell / May 11, 2020
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cloud editing MAM Broadcasting

4 critical cloud video editing IT updates for broadcasters
By James Varndell / April 30, 2020
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MAM working from home Remote Editing

6 ways to add value to WFH video production workflows over the next 6 months
By James Varndell / April 21, 2020
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MAM Remote Editing

How traditional video production technology adds to the challenges of remote working
By James Varndell / April 9, 2020
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video editing

The best video formats: How to choose the right video file type
By James Varndell / March 11, 2020
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Video Storage

5 steps to build a storage system fit for video
By James Varndell / February 26, 2020
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Video Storage

3 Ways You Can Reduce Your Video Storage Requirements
By James Varndell / January 30, 2020
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Enterprise Video

How to Use Video to Improve Employee Engagement
By James Varndell / January 9, 2020
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6 Steps to Picking a Media Asset Management Tool
By James Varndell / December 23, 2019
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